Policy for Submitting Events

The posting policy is now: all events submitted prior to the first Sunday of each month on our Meetup site as a “suggested meetup” will be posted unless they are too far out.

Time line for allowed posting:
  • Regular events 1-3 months out
  • Charity Events 1-9 months out
  • Samhain or Beltane 1-6 months out

Reoccurring fixed events that happen on the same day each month once submitted as a recurring event will auto post until the end date of said event, if none set, meetup's default will apply.


January –Postings for:

  • Up to mid-March events
  • up to September Charity events and
  • Beltane

February –Postings for:

  • up to mid-April events
  • up to October charity events and
  • Beltane

March –Postings for:

  • up to mid-May events
  • up to November charity events and
  • Beltane

April –Postings for:

  • up to mid –June events
  • up to December charity events
  • Beltane (current year’s) and
  • Samhain (if celebrating in October)

May –Postings for:

  • up to mid-July
  • up to January charity events
  • Beltane (current year’s) and
  • Samhain

June –Postings for:

  • up to mid-August
  • up to February charity events and
  • Samhain

July –Postings for:

  • up to mid-September
  • up to March Charity Events and,
  • Samhain

August –Postings for:

  • up to mid-October
  • up to April Charity Events and
  • Samhain

September –Postings for:

  • up to mid-November
  • up to May Charity events and
  • Samhain

October –Postings for:

  • up to mid-December
  • up to June Charity events
  • Samhain (current year’s) and
  • Beltane (if celebrating in April)

November –Postings for:

  • up to mid-January
  • up to July Charity events
  • Samhain (current year’s) and
  • Beltane

December –Postings for:

  • up to mid-February
  • up to August Charity events and
  • Beltane

Submit Event

Meetup events may be submitted as a "suggested meetup" via our group page.

Submit Event

If you have any questions please contact us.