Ostara Sabbat and Joyous Rites of Spring

OPC Presents Ostara

Saturday, March 15, 2014
Gathering is at 2:00 PM
Ritual to follow
Mead Botanical Garden
1300 S. Denning Dr., Winter Park 32789, FL
Look for the pavilion

Join us at beautiful Meade Gardens for this joyous and amusing rite of Spring.

Will the Bunny have the last laugh on our noble knights? Or will we feast on it as our sacrifice?

For some Fun a few ideas for traditional Ostara Foods!

Traditional foods for Ostara. There is Vegetarian stuff here too!

Eggs represent life, fertility, and the universe. As days lengthen, chickens lay more eggs.Boiled eggs, deviled eggs, egg salad, omelettes, quiche, stuffed eggs, pickled eggs and other such egg dishes are all ideal for Ostara.

Seeds stand for the planting season and the greening world.Flower seeds, such as sunflower seeds or poppy seeds, are especially appropriate.

Chicken or duck is a popular spring food because birds that don’t start laying may be eaten instead.Both of these birds symbolize abundance and fertility.

Lamb stands for innocence and gentleness.Lambs are born in very early spring so they represent the season — but there’s more meat on them now. Lamb chops and leg-of-lamb are popular.

Rabbit or hare is traditional Ostara fare. At this time, the animals become more active and visible, thus easy to catch. They represent speed and fertility. They are also sacred to the Goddess.They are excellent when fried, stewed or spit-roasted.

Fish becomes available again as the ice thaws, exposing rivers and lakes full of hungry mouths. Fish symbolizes the female principle. Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna.

Dairy foods are readily available in spring as cows, goats, and sheep give abundant milk. Lots of different cheeses, a favorite for this time of year being sage derby because of it's pretty green coloring.Custards, cream cakes, rice puddings, yogurts.

Green vegetables mark the return of fresh foods. Early choices include asparagus, lettuce, peas, and sprouts.

Plum pudding, a symbol of the previous season’s fruits, thought to strengthen the harvest if eaten in Spring.Madeira cake is also a traditional favorite at this time of year.



$3.00 for OPC Members

$5.00 for non- OPC Members

Children 11 or under FREE

After Ritual Feast is potluck, please bring something to share.

Feel free to bring Drums, tambouri'nes and hand instruments for after ritual celebration!

The festival of Ostara is named from the Germanic Goddess Eostre, who heralds the dawn and the springtide of the year. Her symbols include the Hare or Rabbit, the Egg (and baby chicks) and the waxing Crescent Moon.

** There will be a RAFFLE!